Picnic at the park on the grass: tablecloth, basket, healthy food and accessories, top view
A Picnic Blanket
Your car-boot companion for stress free weekends
Woman applying sunscreen on her hands from a bottle on the beach with the sea in the background. SPF sunblock protection concept. Selective focus
A Beach Towel
The extra-large beach towel for comfy days at the beach
picnic sandwich, salad, fruits, drink and hat on green grass texture background top view mockup
A Warm Wrap
A cosy wrap for events and campfire nights out 
Delicious food and drink outdoor at picnic in sunny day. Romantic picnic with mountains background.
Hidden Spots Perfect for Romantic Picnics in Australia
For wonderfully romantic locations that feel like they’ve come from the pages of a romance novel, Australia fits the bill. Our white sandy shores, pristine turquoise coasts, majestic forests and floral gardens are some of the best in the...
Tofu kebabs with colorful fresh vegetables including onion, sweet pepper, tofu,mushroom, broccoli and tomato threaded on skewers grilling over the fire on a BBQ
Vegan Friendly Food Ideas for Picnics in Australia
Travelling on the go with your moveable picnic basket feast often means that you may not have sophisticated cooking facilities, or the space to pack too many serving dishes. Going vegan, whether it’s a lifestyle choice or out of convenie...
Group outdoor camping teepee tent and night light with two empty chairs with picnic table and accessories in the forest. Glamping camping tent in the forest under night sky.
Night Picnics? Enjoy These Amazing Astrological Events
Are you up for a little stargazing? There are some spectacular star shows happening every night in the Australian sky, the perfect entertainment for your late-night feast under the stars. Get out of the bright lights of the city and pick...
Group of humans with drinks gathered by dinner on picnic cloth
The Best Easy to Prepare Foods for Picnics in Australia
Picnics are a fun way to enjoy a beautiful seasonal lunch in the serenity of the Australian outdoors. The key to a great picnic is to pack foods in your picnic basket that are easy to eat, easy to prepare and fun to share! Many of the be...
Mixed grilled and fried meat platter and pickles
3 Tips for Decorating a Food Platter or Board
Creating a food platter or grazing table is a great way to display and serve your food at events, parties, or dinner celebrations. A food platter is like a cheese board, but more varied, displaying such epicurean treats as fruit, berries...
wooden table and two benches for picnic standing on wooden flooring by sea on sunny day facing green mountainous islands near Marmaris, Turkey
Our Top Spots to Take Your Picnic Basket: By Australian State
Pack your favourite picnic basket, outdoors lovers! Wilder the Label is going to take you on a tour of some of the best picnic spots to bring your wicker picnic basket here in Australia. It’s time to roll out the picnic rug and grab your...