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Hidden Spots Perfect for Romantic Picnics in Australia

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For wonderfully romantic locations that feel like they’ve come from the pages of a romance novel, Australia fits the bill. Our white sandy shores, pristine turquoise coasts, majestic forests and floral gardens are some of the best in the world! Wilder the Label here looks at some of the best hidden picnic locations. Pack up your snuggly extra large picnic rug, XL umbrella and picnic basket full of nibbles, because we’re going on a perfectly romantic picnic for two.

The Beach

Australia is fortunate to have miles of pristine white coastline to visit. Lay down your giant picnic rug on a warm white patch of sand and watch the ocean with your loved one. Our extra large picnic rug and large floor cushion are perfect for sitting on the beach! We suggest Palm Cove, Queensland, or Hamilton Island for a reef location. Cable Beach in Western Australia boasts a warm climate that makes the attractive sunsets and warm beaches a viable option for couples the whole year round.

We recommend that you bring our XL umbrella sunshade or beach cabana for privacy and to protect you from the hot sun. The cotton picnic cabana and picnic umbrella are UPF50+ for UV resistance.

Hiking or A Mountain Picnic Adventure

If you enjoy an active lifestyle, you might consider an Australian hiking adventure with your beau. The Blue Mountains in New South Wales and Cradle Mountain in Tasmania offer stunning mountain views. Also, the Atherton Tablelands near Cairns offer beautiful rainforest hikes, where you will find pristine waterholes and beautiful secluded waterfalls.

Bring your half round picnic basket of food in your backpack and a giant picnic rug so you will have somewhere to sit for your picnic. 

The Wine District Picnic Adventure

The wine districts near Hunter Valley in New South Wales or Barossa Valley in South Australia are a great place for a romantic picnic, with rolling green hills and picturesque views.

Since you’re in wine country, it only makes sense to buy some of the local vintage to take away with you in your wicker picnic basket.



Wilder the Label loves the hidden spots you can find all over Australia, perfect for romantic picnics. Order your giant picnic rug and wicker picnic basket online today and organise your next date weekend adventure.



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