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Vegan Friendly Food Ideas for Picnics in Australia

Travelling on the go with your moveable picnic basket feast often means that you may not have sophisticated cooking facilities, or the space to pack too many serving dishes. Going vegan, whether it’s a lifestyle choice or out of convenience, means you can lean into the idea of fresh, seasonal produce and raw snacks for lunch. If you’re not used to vegan dishes, this could be a good opportunity to focus on fresh ingredients and flavours that you don’t usually try. Here, Wilder the Label gives some vegan friendly food ideas for your wicker picnic basket.

Vegan Cheeses for Your Picnic Basket

Regular cheeses wouldn’t make it into your vegan picnic basket, but there are more and more excellent brands of vegan cheese on the market these days. Utilise the cheese board lid of the wicker picnic basket and assemble your vegan sandwich or grazing board.

Seasonal Fresh Fruit for Your Wicker Picnic Basket

Fruit is a great addition for any picnic basket, and it needs next to no preparation! It’s the simplest dessert, too and buying seasonal, fresh fruit means that it will taste sweet and juicy. Try a fruit salad or pre-cut your apples and oranges for a mid-hike snack.

Vegetables and Dips for Your Picnic Basket

Great vegan dips are available in any supermarket! Cut up fresh seasonal vegetables for dipping and bring marinated or grilled vegetables to your picnic for extra flair. Try making a Mexican style vegetable salsa with fresh vegetables and corn chips to impress your friends. 

Salads for Your Insulated Basket

Salad is the apex of vegan feasting and there are so many great recipes to choose from! Go for fresh, seasonal greens and leave the dressing off until the last minute, so your salad stays fresh and doesn’t become soggy. Transport your fresh salad in a chilled insulated basket, so it remains crisp. 

Don’t Forget the Drinks

Whether sparkling, alcoholic, or warm, your beverages are one of the most important aspects of your picnic! Bring bottled water or hot tea if you prefer non-alcoholic, non-sugary drinks.



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