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Night Picnics? Enjoy These Amazing Astrological Events

Are you up for a little stargazing? There are some spectacular star shows happening every night in the Australian sky, the perfect entertainment for your late-night feast under the stars. Get out of the bright lights of the city and pick somewhere quiet and dark, so you can enjoy a midnight sandwich with the meteor show. Pack your giant picnic rug and large floor cushion and get ready for an adventure, as Wilder the Label gives you the scoop on this year’s great astrological events.

Moon Watching on a Giant Picnic Rug and Large Floor Cushion

The moon provides us with many interesting astrological phenomena to observe, year-round. For maximum moon-watching comfort, lay comfortably on a woven floor cushion and extra large picnic rug on your back and enjoy the open air.

If you missed June and July’s supermoon events, where the moon appears larger in the sky, this year we are also set to witness a full lunar eclipse for the month of November. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth rotates between the moon and the sun, putting the moon in complete shadow. The moon turns a deep red colour for a while, with the light coming from the atmosphere of the Earth. This spooky setting is the perfect event for a post-Halloween picnic. 

Mark these full moon dates on your calendar for 2022:

  • September 10: Harvest moon
  • October 10: Hunter’s moon
  • November 8: Beaver moon
  • December 7: Cold moon

Slip the woven floor cushion covers off the floor cushion inserts to machine wash after use.

Meteor Showers

We will see several meteor showers throughout 2022. These fascinating astrological events are best seen in a dark, remote location to see trailing lights across the sky in full glory. Set up your watching station with a large supportive woven floor cushion and a fluffy extra large picnic rug you can wrap up in, to see the big meteor shower expected in December.

Mark these meteor showers on your calendar for 2022:

  • Orionids: October 20-21
  • Southern Taurids: November 4-5
  • Northern Taurids: November 11-12
  • Leonids: November 17-18
  • Geminids: December 13-14
  • Ursids: December 21-22

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Stargazing and Planet Watching

From Australia, we can watch star constellations all year round in the full, bright moonlight. The most well-known constellations include Orion and the Southern Cross. To learn more about stargazing and planet gazing, download a star map from the Sydney Observatory, and set up your viewing platform. Get out your picnic rug and picnic basket and prepare to spend the evening staring at the night sky, researching the fabled myths of the stars above with your favourite companion. 

There are a few planets you can see from Australia, too. The easiest to spot are Venus (around sunrise or sunset) and Jupiter. If you look closely, you may find Mars as well! Mercury is a little hard to catch, but sunrise or sunset is the best time.

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