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The Best Easy to Prepare Foods for Picnics in Australia

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Picnics are a fun way to enjoy a beautiful seasonal lunch in the serenity of the Australian outdoors. The key to a great picnic is to pack foods in your picnic basket that are easy to eat, easy to prepare and fun to share! Many of the best picnics can be assembled on the spot, using the cheeseboard lid of your insulated basket, a selection of ready-made breads, dips, and local produce, found fresh on market shelves and your favourite people. Wilder the Label picks our best easy-to-prepare foods for your wicker picnic basket lunch. Shop online to get started on this warm season fun, today! 

Pack Savoury Dips in Your Picnic Basket

Savoury dips are a great way to showcase fresh, local produce and you can buy these from local markets or make them yourself. You can easily make a fresh vegetable salsa from seasonal tomatoes, onions and capsicums and use corn chips for dipping. Use pre-prepared sliced vegetables like carrots and cucumbers, grilled vegetables like eggplant and zucchini, corn chips, bread sticks, and fresh bread for dipping and pair with cheese from your picnic basket. Yum!

Grill Vegetables and Bread and Pop in Your Insulated Basket

Select the freshest, crispiest bread from your local market or baker and pair with some local, seasonal vegetables from the produce section. You can easily make a great seasonal salad that everyone can enjoy, and salads are one of the easiest things to prepare that are both healthy and delicious!

Try a goat’s cheese medley with veggies, a roast vegetable salad with cous cous and falafel, or keep it simple with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. The trick to keeping a salad fresh is to hold the dressing until the last minute, to prevent the ingredients from getting soggy. Pack your salad in a cool insulated basket for the trip (with your dressing in a separate container), so it doesn’t wilt or expire in the hot summer sun.

Wraps & Sandwiches for Your Wicker Picnic Basket

Pack pre-made sandwiches and wraps in your wicker picnic basket or create a self-serve option to prepare on site. Create a food platter with a large selection of cheeses, sliced meats, dips, vegetables and condiments from which to assemble your alfresco sandwich. Add an element of acidity or spice with a tart dressing or chilli sauce for flavour. Freshly baked, rustic-style bread is great for sandwiches or burgers, so try to buy fresh on the day (and don’t forget the bread knives)!

Barbecue Options

If your picnic site has a barbeque, you can grill hamburger patties, or any suitable barbeque meat, faux-sausages or vegetables and enjoy with your accompanied salad. Just remember to pack the raw meat or frozen goods carefully and separately, at the bottom of your insulated basket.

Dessert and Drinks

Simple fruit makes a great dessert for picnic and are relatively mess-free! Seasonal melons, grapes, or berries are great for salads or to serve as they are. Bring chilled drinks in your insulated basket to keep cool and hydrated. For hot drinks like coffee, prepare beforehand in a thermos.



Successful picnics utilise planning and preparation, but when you’re there, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the day of delicious treats with all your favourite people. Order your wicker picnic basket from Wilder the Label in Australia today and get planning! 



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