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3 Tips for Decorating a Food Platter or Board

Creating a food platter or grazing table is a great way to display and serve your food at events, parties, or dinner celebrations. A food platter is like a cheese board, but more varied, displaying such epicurean treats as fruit, berries, nuts, bread, dips, shaved meats, crackers, cheeses, breadsticks, olives, and sweets. The food is artfully arranged to allow guests to pick and nibble at their leisure. Wilder the Label presents our best ideas for decorating your own Australian food platter. Invest in your wicker picnic basket and brass cheese knives today and you’ll be renaissance-ready!

Tip 1: Choose Your Picnic Basket, Brass Cheese Knives & Accessories

To make any food platter look great, the food items need to be the star. Choose cheese boards, dip bowls, or plates that have a natural or neutral appearance to make your nibbles stand out. We suggest the use of our picnic basket with a cheese board lid. The natural solid wood lid board makes a great surface for your delicious eats and creates height on your grazing table.

Brass cheese knives and bowls for dips will be useful, too, so your guests can easily eat what they desire. For a larger style grazing table, use dishes like cake plates and platters (or our wicker picnic basket for display) to add that extra height to the table. 

Tip 2: Arrange Your Food Effortlessly, but Artfully

A food platter should present a visually appealing spread of different complementary foods on your picnic basket cheese board, wooden platters, and artful ceramics. Fan out your crackers or shaved meats, create a tasteful display of bunched grapes and strawberries, put dips in dipping bowls with breadsticks, breads, or vegetable wedges. An intermingling of food, colours and textures with serving implements like brass cheese knives and napkins creates an effect that looks unstructured, but entices your guests with aesthetics.

Tip 3: Select Appropriate Food to Suit Your Theme

Fresh, seasonal local produce is best for most food platters, for a balanced mixture of fresh ingredients and interesting textures. Find artisan style products and dips to support local suppliers and to make your food board tastier. Always choose food that you like, too! Try to keep to one theme to achieve a consistent appearance. If you lay out cheeses, consider adding bread or crackers to eat it with. If you add dips, always have something to be dipped, like carrots, fried bread, and your favourite artisan crackers. Choose food that is easy to pick up and eat and doesn’t require elaborate preparation. 



Make your picnic special with accessories from Wilder the Label in Australia. Browse our picnic basket collection and brass cheese knives online today and host your next dinner party in style.



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