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Our Favourite Drinks by the Beach During Winter in Australia

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Here at Wilder the Label, we love the beach no matter what the season! In this post, we through our favourite cold weather drinks to comfort the soul and warm the body during Australian winter. Pack your favourite picnic basket with goodies, get cosy in your warm rug blanket, and sip a steaming hot drink from your favourite tin mug, surrounded by your besties. Who said the beach wasn’t as good in winter?

Sweet Mulled Wine in Your Picnic Basket

Imagine yourself sitting on the beach with a loved one and watching the sun sink on the horizon. You’re both wrapped in a cosy, sherpa lined, large outdoor blanket as you listen to the waves lapping on the seashore in the slowly dying light.

Now is the perfect time to fill a thermos of sweet, mulled wine and pack it in your wicker picnic basket. This warm and heady drink is made by brewing cloves, cinnamon, orange peel, and brandy (or orange juice) with wine, and simmering until it is infused with a sweet, spicy, fruity flavour. The wine is then put through a strainer and poured into your thermos, to be served warm.

For mulled cider, use apple juice instead of orange, and cider instead of wine. Mix ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, all spice, and nutmeg into your warm mulled cider brew for extra deliciousness. 

Hot Chocolates in Your Wicker Picnic Basket

There is nothing better than a warm brew cupped between your chilled hands as you snuggle up in your cosy rug blanket and watch a bonfire crackle in the darkness.

Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are some of the best brews for a cold winter’s night. Fill your thermos with piping hot coffee, your favourite herbal tea, or creamy hot chocolate. Try these for your next evening out under the stars:

  • Irish coffee: If you’re a fan of Irish coffee, add a cheeky splash of whiskey to your steaming coffee brew.
  • Hot chocolate: Remember to bring a packet of marshmallows in your picnic basket. They taste delightful when melted in your hot chocolate and you can even toast some over the fire.
  • Chai tea: Fans of chai tea will love this warm milky concoction when served under the stars. Try it with almond milk instead of cow’s milk for a delicious dairy-free alternative.

Pack Your Hot Toddies and Snacks in an Insulated Basket

A hot toddy is a winter beach must have. Make sure you pack a thermos filled with this warming brew in your insulated basket. Made with whiskey, lemon, honey, spices, and hot water, the hot toddy is often seen as a restorative for colds and sniffles. For a special treat, top it with whipped cream and enjoy some homemade biscuits as well.

Pack your favourite picnic basket full of treats and get cosy with a snuggly warm rug blanket from Wilder the Label. Now, your night on the beach is complete! Browse through our collections online now, including our famous big wicker picnic basket and large outdoor blanket.



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