How to create a picture perfect picnic for Instagram?

How to create a picture perfect picnic for Instagram?

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This is the era of social media. These are the times of Instagram. If you want to be famously chic and popular within the community of your followers, you must have an exciting Instagram profile. One way to do that is to fill your Instagram wall with aesthetically pleasing content. If you are looking to do that, you should search no more! Here, we have the perfect way through which you can improve the look of your Instagram while enjoying the process as well!

Going on a picnic can be a fun activity for you and your family or friends. Solo picnics are also great as they allow you to have some time alone with your thoughts. As it can be an excellent way for you to cleanse your mind, why not choose a picture-perfect scenario in front of you? It will help your brain to relax immensely! So, if you want to update your Instagram wall and also enjoy it, you should read on!

Choose the best setting

First things first, you should choose the location carefully. It will have a powerful impact on your picture. It goes without saying that picnicking in an unclean place isn't going to be very eye-appealing. So, choose a destination that appeals to the majority. And what could be a better option than the gorgeous nature itself? It just makes the picture a hundred times better!

You can choose the countryside for a picnic or a mountainous region for the picture. Make sure to add the sky in the image as it enhances the picture's appearance and looks incredible on an Instagram wall (speaking from experience!).

The food

Well, it is a picnic, so you will need to take food with you. Make sure to pack things that you actually like to eat and not just what will look good under the camera. Remember that you need to enjoy and not just focus on your social look. Because in the end, if your soul is happy, it will show in your pictures.

If you are an Instagram influencer, do not forget to pack some healthy food items with you as many people must look up to you. Even if your following is not much, there is no reason why you should not try to boost it now! You should know that the food items you put on display will be viewed by real-life humans who can take inspiration from you and get motivated to eat well. Likewise, you can go for some junk food and declare it to be a cheat day!   

You can pack lots of fruits like grapes and strawberries as they will look great under the camera! Here is a list of food items that you can add to your checklist:

  • Watermelons
  • Grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Grilled cheese
  • Bread
  • Wine

Also, use plates and glass that complement your surroundings. For example, if you are sitting on green land, use silver cutlery and if you are on mountainous land, use wooden goods. The contrast between the earth and the things on the picnic sheet will have a fantastic effect on the picture. You can check out what contrasts suit each other well by experimenting on your own or finding relevant images from the internet. Either way, you will find some great ways to make your picture look eye-pleasing.      

Your dress

Not only is the look of the food going to matter, but your dress will also play an equal role in getting the perfect Instagram picture! Make sure to dress appropriately for the picture and not wear something that goes completely against the picnic color scheme. If your picnic cloth is white, you might want to wear a white dress. Similarly, if your cloth has a floral pattern, you can match wearing a floral dress or wearing something of the matching colors.

Add non-food items

If you plan to make the best out of your picnic, Instagram look-wise, you might want to invest a little in your pictures then. Buy flowers, a tray for food, and other essentials. You do not realize how these small additions will improve the quality of your pictures. You can even put a book or a diary as it will look great as well! If you are taking a close-up picture, you can have your book opened with a lovely quotation underlined. This will give a magical look to your picture!

We have listed down the things that you can buy to help create the perfect photo:

  • Wine glass
  • Artificial flowers
  • Holiday hat
  • Picnic blanket
  • Cutting boards
  • Oversized candles

Set your equipment

Once you have the perfect location and all the goods by your side, you need to learn how to set them up. Presentation matters! Make sure that everything does not seem cluttered up as it makes the picture look bad. Spread it out evenly but make sure that you do not leave too many spaces between the items. Ensure that all the things are coming in the picture and that nothing is being blocked out.

If you include yourself in the picture, find a nice pose to do. Sit in such a direction that your shadow does not fall upon the food items and make them look dull. If there is sunlight and your eyes are squinting, choose to look down or at the side. This will save your picture from having any imperfections.

Use the right camera

The quality of the camera you use to take the picture will play a massive role in the appearance of the Instagram wall. Try to use the same pixel camera as your other photos. If you follow a theme in your photos, do not forget to follow it for this particular picture as well. A good quality camera can immensely change the look of a photograph, which is evident when one looks at old and new photos of different destinations. Old pictures don't seem as appealing as the new ones, owing to the poor camera qualities.

So, there you have it! By following these simple steps, you will be able to create the perfect Instagram picture that will look just awesome! If you work carefully, you will be surprised by how the picture turns out to be. You would want to take hundreds of more such photos! Your followers will love your new picnic picture, and they might as well try to recreate your look! You can thank us later!

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