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Don't Let Cold Stop You from Your Beach Picnic this Season

Many people think that feasting on the beach is a summer activity, but we’re here to promote the charm of a beach picnic in winter! Pack your picnic basket and warm blanket picnic rug from Wilder the Label and choose a cold day with minimal rain and wind. Get ready to cuddle up on the soft white sand with your loved one or pooch and enjoy a fun winter experience in Australia.

Pull Out Your Cosy Blanket Picnic Rug

Unsurprisingly, the most private time to visit the beach is during winter. You may see a few joggers, dog walkers, and the occasional fisherman, but you often get the beach to yourself. This is an ideal time for a romantic picnic, wrapped in a cosy sherpa lined floral picnic blanket with your partner. If you’re lucky, on a sunny day, winter sand can still retain some of the residual heat from the day. A crackling fire (check your local beach for permits), a thermos of warm mulled wine or cocoa, and a sweet dessert from your picnic basket could cap a beautiful romantic evening perfectly. Watch the waning light of sunset sink beneath the horizon and enjoy the magic of the colder season.

Pack Your Floral Picnic Blanket for an Off-Season Experience

Just because it’s colder, that doesn’t mean all the attractions of the beach just disappear! The local birdlife, the fresh air, and the lapping of the waves are all a part of what make the beach a meditative experience. It can be enjoyable to go beachcombing in the colder seasons, collecting shells on the beach, or seeing what your little one can find in the rock pools. Some people may enjoy fishing, but if you’d prefer the solo serendipity of the day, try a creative activity like drawing, writing, or listening to music.

When it’s time to rest, bring out the hot cup of coffee, tea or soup in your thermos and wrap yourself in your floral picnic blanket as you gaze at the seascape.

Refresh & Recharge with the Rug Blanket

The beach has a different kind of beauty in winter. The stimulus of the wind, the sand, and the dramatic clouds rolling above the ocean can revive your flagging energy and make you feel recharged. You can look out at the ocean from the warm cocoon within your rug blanket and contemplate the feeling of being at one with nature.



Rug up for your winter picnic or beachside meditation session. Order your rug blanket and picnic basket from Wilder the Label online today.



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